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Fortunately danes are infamously good in english. From school-age children to the man or woman on the street and nearly everyone in between, most Danes have little problem holding a conversation in English. But this is not the same as being able to convert a hole webshop into a foreign language.

Please use the various contact options below, for your search for vintage spareparts and new tools.

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You can find spareparts for a lot of vintage watches, we do stock movement parts, watch glass, caseparts, crowns and much more.
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We stock a lot of vintage spareparts, try us.

You can get in contact with us, by one of these options: shop@lindholts.dk - phone +45 86 42 52 99 - fax: +45 86 41 37 45

Call us on this number: +45 86 42 52 99, ask for Kim

Use this mail: shop@lindholts.dk

Use this fax number: +45 86 41 37 45

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